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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Kathryn Ironside. This site is under construction so parden my dust and thank you for visiting!

Kathryn Ironside, Software Developer


I am a software engineer. I have been analyzing business needs and writing software since 1982. I have contributed to a wide varity of computer applications from large enterpise B2B development to small, agile, startup B2C work.

Most recently, I have been doing front end software development work. I like beautiful design, engaging UI/UX, SEO, Google Analytics, CSS3, JavaScript, Facebook's React JavaScript pattern, PostgreSQL, web services, and fast page loads.


I have business degrees in Management and Finance so firstly, I think business first. I view my work environment with a management perspective as well as a life-long learners' perspective, "How can we best utilize resources in an efficient, effective, ethical, and positive manner to move the business forward?"

I am analytical and highly visual by nature which probably explains why I enjoy working on the client side so much. I enjoy the reward of seeing a design implemented and the business vision and goals met. I like a good challenge and being in the hot seat. I value integrity, focus, skill, ethics, healthy management, transparency, diversity, and leadership consistency.

Care to take a walk on the wild side? There are many perspectives on software development, interactive design, and tech management. I've started a list that appeals to my personal take on those sorts of things.



Example 1: Combining responsive and fixed columns.


Example 2: Using Javascript promises to populate an accordian.