“If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Kareninam

Generally, pixel perfection is not the goal in front end development. If a blanket demand exists for pixel perfection in web development, there likely also exists a gap in understanding current browsers, CSS3, and the expanding variations of device screen dimensions. Competent designers and developers are aware that from business efficiency and user experience conversion perspectives, a close approximation of a good design is the optimal goal.

The Half-Live of Knowledge

I have read that the half-life of science is approximately forty years. That would mean on average, it takes about forty years for the knowledge that we think is proven fact to be proven wrong and obsolete. For engineering, the estimate drops to ten years. I have no idea what it is for software development, but in my experience, about fifteen years seemed like a good estimate until recently.

With the rapidly changing world of client-side development, particularly the not insignificant ongoing changes to JavaScript, the language as well as the development of a series of rapidly growing and changing JavaScript frameworks and the development time and infrastructure to support them, I'd estimate that the half-life of client-side development knowledge in this segment is somewhere in the range of one to two years. There are benefits and costs, both short-term and long-term to staying on top of rapid-obsolescence technologies while they are still evolving.

“If you are different from the rest of the flock, they bite you” ― Vincent O'Sullivan, The Next Room

I strive to unlearn our cultural biases and leave my ego at the door every day. It can be difficult to think positively during trying times. Compromised ethics and mental abuse are unfortunately common in and out of the workplace. I believe that the effort needed to raise oneself to a higher level of understanding, inclusion, and empathy can lead toward positive outcomes such as an ethical and sustainable business model, a satisfying website experience, loyal customers, successful teams, and valued individuals.

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